The ability of our great community to come together and offer help during this time of great need is beyond amazing. The VVTG MESQUITE STRONG Challenge raised a total of
Bravo, Mesquite!
All donations have already been disbursed. Virgin Valley Food Bank and Salvation Army Mesquite Service Center each received $8,550.
Virgin Valley Theatre Group sends our most heartfelt thanks to these generous donors:

Rick & Deb Burcham

Tom Wharram

Nancy & John Rosen

Jeffrey M Fulmer

Edwin & Susan Wakefield

Patricia Hitt

Karen & Greg Dutkowski

David Clark

Donna & Gene Lehotsky

Linda & Marvin Woodring

Linda Muse

The Mesquite Shooters

Loraine Brown

Ann DeBaufre’

Marilyn & Ted Ung

Duane & Lynda Gillman

Georgia Johnson

Kenneth Meacham

Dale Milligan

Marianne Piner

Ken Schleiger

Richard Tuttle

George & Beverly Brack

John & Judith Heusner

Alan Riddle

Linda Stice

Donald & Vicki Upton

Nancy & Don Arnold

Glen & Patti Bjornson

Joan Dunkle & Volunteers of Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue

Dena Hughes

Jack Laird

Scott & Leslie Thompson

Chuck Hanson

William Mascaro

Raymond Bartley

Sharron Neider

Donald Gordon

Virginia Hepp

Deborah & Michael Benham

Claudia & Robert Richards

Janice & Duane Jackson

Bruce Landvik

Judy Mae Kramer

Rita Hermie

Gail Ashdown

Anne Rice

Charles & Eileen Cannady

Jill Edmondson

Eula Faye Bond

Linda Petrillo

Valerie Thompson

Susan Kjellsen

Linda Mayer

Brian Wursten

Dodie Webb

Donna Pakledinaz

Sandra Trout

Herbert White

Ken Juber

Deb Mitchell

Lorraine Blumer

Jeanette Craig

Jacquelyn Craver

Vicki Sennett

Rosemary Lindbeck

Mary & Brent Workman

Karen Young

Linda Harris

Barbara Ryan


           Anonymous donors (11)




Mesquite Community Theatre will return after this intermission. Watch for upcoming events including new dates for Drama at the Diner or How the Rebel Found His Cause.

Virgin Valley Theatre Group is the sole organization responsible for management of Mesquite Community Theatre for the City of Mesquite, Nevada. We thank you for your patronage. Stay tuned for more great events!